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The word on the street...

Kelsey is a creative powerhouse. She can take a ‘seed’ of an idea and grow it into a professional, exciting, identifiable brand. Kelsey can deftly develop a vision into an original product; creating marketing materials from an encompassing website and a line of company tee-shirts to stationary & business cards, and full-blown media kits. Kels. produces high-end, quality designs for a reasonable cost. She can concretely help you take your business dreams to the next level.”     — Beth Walz, Adventure Woman


"Working with Kelsey was just the way my company needs things done - CLEVER AND QUICK !!! Because we have clients that want to see results immediately we need a designer that can deliver and that is Kelsey. Last month we needed a new logo and we requested four completely different concepts and she nailed it. All four logos were so well done we had a problem picking "just" one!"     — Dana Brown Red Top Productions

"We felt that our logo and literature were not representing us as a company that was tuned into market and fashion trends. Kelsey began with our tired logo and advertising format, but by combining some old elements with new, she has completely transformed our image."      — L. Grier, National Sales Manager Bago Luma


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